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Are you searching for a Texas Colocation Service in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Las Colinas, Arlington, Corpus Christi, Forth Worth, Garland, Irving, Lubbock, Plano, TX? We can help.

Colocation Texas - Texas is a large state with many cities and businesses in need of robust data center facilities. Many military bases are in the area, as well as the current and still growing technology market that rivals California's Silicon Valley. Both benefited from the DOT com boom in the 90s, and now attract corporations like Microsoft, Earthlink and many others. Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth and San Antonio are the big telecommunications cities in the state each boasting a high grade telecommunications infrastructure and many telco hotels, data centers, and colocation facilities. You have The Planet, which is a primary player in the field of telecommunications based in Texas, and there are continually more facilities being built.

Colocation Dallas - As mentioned in the Houston section, Dallas is one of two locations for The Planet, providing fully redundant service 24x7x365. Dallas is the most mature of the state's data center markets and continues to grow. The city is benefiting from a healthy crop of web hosting companies, such as The Planet. Nationwide Colocation offers secure colocation services starting around $99 in Houston and Dallas. Generally, different companies offer services for about the same price as in Houston, but you can check out various data centers since they all offer different levels of services. There are more than enough data centers to suit the needs any business, large and small.

Colocation Houston - Houston has quite a few colocation service providers as many companies run data centers in both Houston and Dallas. Houston is definitely one of the more important cities providing colocation because it is the home to The Planet. The Planet, the number one privately owned dedicated server hosting provider in the world (second worldwide behind publicly held IBM), is headquartered in Houston at 835 Greens Parkway, Suite 150. Their company has data centers in both Houston and Dallas. They are a world class service that provides service to 22,000 businesses worldwide. It shouldn't be a problem finding a colocation service in Houston, as it seems like it's the heart of colocation services in Texas. CityScope Net is also a big company in Houston located on 1301 Fannin. Their network backbone includes ATT, UUNet, Sprint, Global Crossing and Verio; INTERNAP providing network-based route optimization services. You will also find the Houston location of Data Foundry, VeriCenter, NaviSite, and many other fine national data center providers.

Colocation San Antonio - 100 Taylor Telecom Center is the only carrier hotel in San Antonio. The entire tower is dedicated to being the home of telecom providers and users. Fiber providers include Alpheus, Qwest Communications, Telwest Services, Time Warner, and Xspedius among others. Telecom tenants in this facility include huge corporations like Cingular and MCI. In the summer of 2007, Microsoft broke ground for a $500 million 447,000 square foot data center in San Antonio to support the expansion of Microsoft's Live line of online services. The location of this new facility is the Westover Hills area, which is the location of other existing data centers. A "Data Center Clustering" is happening in that section of San Antonio to create an influx of investment and high-tech jobs to the city. The NSA, Stream Realty and a hospital all have plans of building data centers here. Regardless if these new facilities, though, they are most likely to be private colocations for the companies and organizations building them. On the bright side, though, there are definitely enough fiber lines in the area. It's not a problem finding a lot of other colocation locations and data centers providing consumer service which will compete for your business.

Colocation Austin - Austin, the state's capital, is the latest in a string of stand-alone data center projects in the region. Austin is the home to 3 Com, a major networking and security corporation operating on a global scale; so it's no surprise to find a large data center in Austin to accommodate them. Data Foundry runs its Austin based-operations at 1044 Liberty Park Drive. Data Foundry's TexasNAP® is the fastest network in Texas. Data Foundry fully owns and manages two Internet Data Centers in Houston and Austin. Data Foundry has three Austin data centers. The most recent opened in 2003, under former name Texas.Net, to meet the increasing customer demand, which has grown considerably nationally and internationally the past couple years. It is a state-of-the-art 30,000 square foot facility providing essential N+1 infrastructure and robust disaster recovery capabilities to its expanding customer base.

Colocation El Paso - El Paso is a late comer in data center projects. The city plans on attracting data center projects and costumers can expect to have colocation options there very soon.

Colocation Las Colinas - The relatively unheard of city is currently building the Las Colinas Data center, which will allow for up to 116 different telecom provider conduits, plus four spares. The building will have fiber lines throughout the concrete building offering colocation services for any business's needs.

Colocation Arlington - The colocation services based in Arlington, TX is adequate for small businesses. There is known to be a company or two that even deals with private non-business colocation service, but being sandwiched between Forth Worth and Dallas, cities with large colocation markets mean no shortage of choices for Arlington business owners.

Colocation Corpus Christi - Corpus Christi is inconveniently located much further south than other major cities like San Antonio and Houston. The city is still relatively undeveloped, but has huge potential. Corpus Christi is a leader in implementing citywide Wi-Fi in association with Earthlink backed by fiber from Alpheus. The "Sparkling City by the Sea" is home to a Naval Air Station, but still lacks the choices its other Texas counterparts enjoy in terms of available colocation companies and data centers. Corpus Christi is planning a rapid citywide growth, and is already rated one of the nation's top ten digital savvy cities according to a Center for Digital Government poll.

Colocation Fort Worth - Forth Worth is not too far east of Dallas, but it has a hefty colocation market of its own. The Oil & Gas Commerce Building, now the Fort Worth Technology Center, at 307 W 7th Street in downtown Fort Worth went through a 5 million dollar telecom infrastructure upgrade in 2005. Aspen Communications is the big player in the city providing services to companies in need of a telecommunications hub. The level of carrier grade infrastructure in Forth Worth now rivals Dallas.

Colocation Garland - Garland, a suburb of Dallas, provides another source of colocation options for the city of Dallas and the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. VIRTBIZ has an existing location in Garland to meet customer demands in the Dallas metropolitan area.

Colocation Irving - Located between Arlington and Dallas, Irving is in a group of suburban Dallas cities that have existing colocation facilities. Any one of the cities, including Dallas, will have the right colocation solutions for any small to medium-sized business. Major businesses will tend to stay in Dallas and look for services in the city, but Irving has an ample amount of local services with Dallas' carrier infrastructure making it possible.

Colocation Lubbock - Experiencing strong growth in its technology sectors, the city known for decades as a hub for agriculture in the state of Texas is trying to become a hub for telecommunications. Cox Communications established themselves in the city with a multi-million dollar customer care center. Many other large office buildings are up and running with more on the way. Colocation facilities have sprung up to meet the demands of these companies and Texas Tech University, also in Lubbock.

Colocation Plano - Plano is one of a few other suburbs of Dallas that offers colocation services to the metropolitan areas of Dallas and Fort Worth. Dataside, a colocation and data services company, owns a large standalone data center facility in Plano built to withstand a F5 tornado. They boast great security for your business. Plano is located in the heart of the north Dallas "Telecom Corridor". In fact, there are actually a pretty good number of colocation sites that you can take your pick from in Plano. Even more compared to Garland, another suburb of Dallas that has colocation services and is located between Plano and Dallas.

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