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Are you searching for a Tennessee Colocation Service in Chattanooga, Davison, Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville, TN? We can help.

Chattanooga Colocation - Covista Communication is a full-service facilities-based telecom company headquartered in Chattanooga. They acquired two New York City based telecom companies, GT3 Holdings Corp. and ClearEnd Corp. in January 2008. Covista extended its VoIP product offerings and brought in a nationwide fiber network along with seven data centers into its fold. Potentially, that could bolster the available colocation options in Chattanooga. Airnet, a tech and Internet service provider, has an Enterprise level data center in Chattanooga providing data and disaster recovery, powered by two power grids from the City of Chattanooga. They have Tier One providers AT&T and BellSouth providing installed OC-192 level facilities. Qwest and Sprint also have OC level connectivity. You can also find Chattanooga Online, a subsidiary of CTC Technologies. They are also full service company providing colocation. They claim to have "the region's superior collocation facility" connected to Sprint and AT&T.

Davidson Colocation - Davidson itself does not have much in terms of colocation, but Davidson County, which includes Nashville and other cities around Metropolitan Nashville that also have colocation services. One such is Berry Hill, in which Time Warner Telecom is situated on 708 Melrose Ave. Switch & Data Nashville is technically in the city of Madison, a suburb north of Nashville.

Knoxville Colocation - A large data center in East Tennessee is Digital Crossing Networks' world-class data center with vendor neutral telecom for business continuity needs. They serve mainly corporations of various sizes and over thirty regional companies. The 12,000 sq. ft. facility is a two-storied building with office suits available to collocate technical staff with systems. A smaller company you can go to in Knoxville is Webservio. They have one of their two data centers in Knoxville, the other being in McLean, VA.

Memphis Colocation - Memphis is home to two Time Warner Telecom data centers. The first is by the suburb of Cordova to the east and the second is by Capleville to the southeast. If you're willing to go with a company a little further out of metropolitan Memphis, Aeneas Internet and Telephone is half an hour away in Jackson. They offer a full range of colocation solutions from single server hosting, ISP POP & server Server housing, to individually secured rooms for telephone and long haul carriers. Dark fiber is also available through Aeneas. Back to Memphis, there's a company called Managed Hosting Solutions (MHS). MHS has T1 and DS3 connectivity for your business solutions. ROI Telecom is a national Internet service provider that has a data center located in Memphis providing fiber to customers. WorldSpice Tech features multiple redundant OC-3 network connections on their housing services. You have to provide the hardware, though. XO Communications can also be found in Memphis. Its local data center has the usual XO features you'd find in any other XO facility around the country.

Nashville Colocation - Nashville has plenty of fiber running through its metropolitan area. AT&T, Sprint, and Time Warner have a huge presence in the city's telecommunication market. In Nashville, you can find IRIS Networks. IRIS states that they try to provide broadband support to many underserved rural areas of the state. They provide fully redundant high capacity transport between the markets of Nashville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and even Huntsville, Alabama. Time Warner Telecom has a data center on 535 Mainstream Dr. providing its familiar national service. Peak 10 Nashville is technically in Brentwood, TN, south of Nashville off the 65 S. It's not even in the same County, actually, but it's another colocation facility that provides colocation services to the Nashville area. That facility is 12,500 sq. ft. operating with redundant Tier 1 Internet access. In downtown, you can find Dolphini Networks, which has a facility connected to the Metro Fiber Rings with redundant connections and diverse fiber entrances to Time Warner, XO Communications, and Sprint networks. Colo Solutions is a provider that operates a carrier-neutral colocation facility in Nashville, among others. Mt. Knox is also in the Nashville area in Franklin, TN offering server colocation. The aforementioned companies are several of a list of many more colocation service providers in the Nashville area. If you're looking for data services in the area, you'll be able to find a good selection of services, prices, and options.

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