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Philadelphia Colocation - Philadelphia's central hub for intra-metro telecommunications is on 440 N. Broad Street. The facility more than 690,000 square-feet offering colocation, interconnection and PAIX Internet exchange and peering services. The 11-story building located just north of Center City, four blocks north of City Hall, and across the street from the Philadelphia Inquirer Building. Colocation, interconnection and PAIX Internet exchange and peering services are served through this, and other facilities in and around Philadelphia. Prices in Philly are ranked among some of the more expensive cities to run data centers, so you may find higher prices than smaller cities. You can find all the major players in data centers and colocation services in Philly. You'll find a telecommunications hub in a 14-story Terminal Commerce Building on 401 N. Broad St. This carrier hotel takes up an entire city block with 1.3 million square feet of space. At this same location, you can find colocation providers like Level(3), Switch and Data, Cross Connect Solutions, SunGard, and Broadview. In the building are MCI, Sprint PCS, Interprise Networking Solutions, IXC Communications, Hyperion Communications and Commonwealth Long Distance. All are phone service companies, ISPs, or data systems firms. You can also find Switch and Data on 3701 Market Street. This location is a 21,000 square foot location with numerous connectivity options. Digital Realty has one of its data centers spread across the country in Philadelphia on 833 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia's Central Business District with 12,000 raised-floor square feet of space.

Pittsburgh Colocation - The Allegheny Center Mall is home to some data centers. Switch and Data Pittsburgh has the largest number of carrier connectivity options of any carrier neutral facility in the Pittsburgh metro area with a 20,000 sq. ft. facility of which 14,500 sq. ft. is raised floor colocation space. Citynet and XO Communications, AT&T Local, Expedient, MCI, FiberTower Network Services Corp. and many other big names can also be found here at 100 South Commons. The building itself is fed by 2 redundant utility grids from Duquesne Light and is situated within a 250 to 370 mile radius of the DC, Philadelphia, and New York Metro areas, which provide suitable distances for Disaster Recovery requirements. A former hospital data center, now converted for general use is aspStation on 4736 Penn Avenue. This 18,000 sq. ft. building in Pittsburg was originally designed by IBM and has 3700 sq. ft. of raised flooring. Private network connections and Internet access connections are carried into the data center via multiple carriers using physically diverse very high-speed fiber optic networks for very reliable and virtually unlimited bandwidth. There are a variety of services offered like dedicated T1 lines, dedicated T3 lines, access to Frame Relay networks, access to DSL networks, and dial-up telephone services covering most of the 412 and 724 area codes. Then go over to 650 Smithfield and you'll find Cogent's Pittsburgh location offering colocation and its other services.

Allentown Colocation - Allentown, PA is home to a couple colocation sites. One such is INetU. "I Net You" is an Enterprise Managed Hosting company that specializes in design, building, and management of dedicated server solutions and complex hosting configurations for clients all around the world. FASTNET is another company found in Allentown providing data backup and recovery solutions. They run on a robust and highly redundant GigE IP backbone. They offer standard fast Ethernet or optional GigE. Based in Allentown is PPL Telecom. A subsidiary of energy provider PPL Corporation, PPL Telecom was initially created to take advantage of the company's existing real estate and rights of way to offer telecom services. Now they offer a range of customized solutions for telecom companies, ISPs, WISPs, enterprises and institutions. Their website states that they "provide 4,000 route miles of fiber with 2,500 miles of fiber in key metropolitan networks throughout the Mid-Atlantic states including a DWDM OC-192 system, all linked by over 1,500 route miles of regional fiber."

Conshohocken Colocation -Netaxs was a leading National Network and Collocation Service Provider (NNCSP) in Conshohocken. Along with its data center facilities in Conshohocken, they also had ones in Philadelphia, Vienna, and Freemont, CA, Netaxs provided redundant Gigabit connections. FASTNET acquired the company in 2002. Unisecure maintains its state-of -the-art Class A data center at 1100 East Hector St. - Lee Park @ 10th Ave & Spring Mill Conshohocken, PA. Their facility is fully redundant and equipped with dual fiber entry points. Unisecure is suitable for businesses of all sizes. These are just a couple of the colocation companies in the city to serve your business colocation needs.

Harrisburg Colocation - Harrisburg is a city with plenty of colocation services available to its local businesses. FASTNET has one of its many data centers and Adelphia Business Solutions offers services there, as well. XO Communications also has two data centers in Harrisburg on 989 East Park Lane and on 991 N. Peiffers Lane. In addition, AT&T and MCI have fiber running through the city peering with several colocation companies.

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