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Beaverton Colocation - A disaster recovery data center at 9000 SW Nimbus Ave has OC-192 connectivity. The class B flex building has 23,089 square feet of rentable building area. There, you'll find colocation service providers like iland Internet Solutions and AM6 Networks, among others. Beaverton is home to the EasyStreet data center, which is connected to the 88-mile optical fiber MAN delivered by Qwest.

Eugene Colocation - One data center in Eugene is operated through IDO, company offering network, software, and web and Internet services. "IDO's backbone consists of a blend of national cable, wireless, telephony and modem pools making up [their] network." For any local Eugene businesses, IDO is a choice for disaster recovery. Williamette.Net serves the Eugene area with residential and commercial Internet services. They are a local ISP that also offers server colocation and network services.

Portland Colocation-, EasyStreet Online Services, FirstWorld Communications, InFlow, Network Services Inc., Verio, MCI World Com and WCI LightPoint are some of the companies offering various packages, including internet connection, server colocation, managed hosting and other internet-related services in the Portland area. Shortly after the turn of the century, there was a major push by data center rivals to secure the Portland market. Portland is a city of small businesses, but they have big business options. One such is Verio, which operates a 30,000-square-foot data center in the Pittock Building in downtown. The Pittock Internet Exchange Hotel is Portland’s largest telco hotel. Through there, different companies cross-connect a variety of fiber and copper networks. On a note, Portland’s first ever skyscraper, the Wells Fargo Building, built over 100 years ago is also serving as a telco hotel, nowadays.

Tigard Colocation - Tigard is home to a XO Communications data center. XO is inside a class B industrial building with 58,585 square feet. There are other colocation companies with facilities inside the building space of 10575 SW Cascade Ave., all having OC-192 connectivity. An 88-mile optical fiber MAN delivered by OnFiber/Qwest that runs through Tigard to deliver LAN capabilities to businesses.

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