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Are you searching for a New Jersey Colocation Service in Newark, Secaucus, Fairfield, Trenton, Cherry Hill, Carteret, Weehawken, NJ? We can help.

Colocation New Jersey - New Jersey Colocation solutions are less varied than New York however the market in New Jersey is a great alternative to the high prices of New York City data centers. There is also some fantastic connectivity in Northern New Jersey, the bulk of which is only 10 minutes driving distance from Manhattan. There are some buildings that are better connected than others and some in better physical locations for customers due to their location. The two main most major cities in New Jersey that are good for Colocation are Newark, which is just over the tunnel from NYC, and Secaucus. These two cities are teeming with telecom giants, great New Jersey Data Centers, and great connectivity that is directly tied into New York.

Colocation Secaucus - Secaucus is home to some very large tech companies from Microsoft to XO. XO Communications has the most beautiful New Jersey Colocation facility. Formerly owned by the great old 9NetAvenue it was purchased by Concentric and then aquired by XO. It is one of the nicest New Jersey data centers on the east coast in terms of planning, construction, and pure aesthetics. Equinix has strong presence in Secaucus as do other smaller Colocation companies. The bulk of smaller New Jersey Colocation and dedicated server companies are all reselling service from these larger companies.

Colocation Newark - Newark is the greatest connected point of New Jersey for telecom, and sits just outside Manhattan via the tunnel. There are many great Newark Colocation locations and New Jersey data centers in Newark that have direct connectivity to data centers and fiber in Manhattan. Qwest has a Cybercenter in Newark, Level3 has presence, the reknown CIHost, FibreNet and many more all have presence in Newark's Tel Co Hotels.

Colocation Carteret - Carteret, New Jersey is just east of Secaucus and is home to one of the finest New Jersey Colocation data centers. MCI/Verizon has an enormous New Jersey data center in this location with very robust facilities. Colocation in Carteret NJ may be a good location for those looking for a disaster backup Colocation location as Carteret is 15-20 miles from Newark and Manhattan.

Colocation Trenton and Colocation Cherry Hill - Colocation is available in both Trenton NJ and Cherry Hill NJ. These cities are much farther south away from New York, near PA, and they are host to some smaller Colocation facilities with less connectivity options as North New Jersey, but are adequate for more small Business Colocation needs. Trenton is a good option for New Jersey Data Center managers seeking a disaster backup Colocation Solution 25 miles or so outside of Philadelphia.

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