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Colocation Minneapolis - The Minneapolis fiber optic ring provides great broadband for the Internet needs of metropolitan Minneapolis and the Twin City area. Located in Downtown Minneapolis is's DataSafe. The data center is built inside an actual bank vault and is thoroughly encased by 21" reinforced concrete walls. For added security, they have security cages for your servers, as well. Also in downtown, ipHouse offers a robust environment for servers while catering to small shops with a few employees, but leave room for growth. Digital North is headquartered in Minneapolis and St. Paul, but they have multiple hosting centers, also providing colocation service. You'll also find VISI with its own Data Center facilities in Minneapolis and St. Paul. In fact there are quite a few data centers in downtown. LayerOne, a major colocation provider, is also a tenant in a telco hotel in Minneapolis. IBM partnered CDW Berbee is also operating a world-class colocation facility in Minneapolis. There is quite a lot of fiber running between the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Colocation providers are in plentiful, secured, and stable. The colocation market looks good for any business big or small.

Colocation St. Paul - St. Paul is one half of the Twin Cities. Its sister city, Minnesota, seems to have a lot of data centers and colocation services running robust fiber throughout the city. St. Paul should not be counted out as the neglected twin, though. VISI, the top colocation provider in Minnesota, has a data center in both Twin Cities. VISI, and Sound Internet both have data centers in Minneapolis and St. Paul, helping to maintain the "Twin Cities" name. actually runs national colocation facilities in both cities as well. VeriCenter's Data Center is based in St. Paul operating to provide colocation, among other services, in the Twin Cities. St. Paul has a great array of choices in terms of high-speed Internet access solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses.

Colocation Duluth - The city of Duluth has a colocation facility up for proposal. The city recognizes the need for data services and is making moves to meet the demands. Nextec Systems offers application server colocation service out of their data centers in Deluth, as well as the Twin Cities area. The data centers are located on the state's largest SONET based regional fiber optics network. You may even find some ISPs offering colocation services in Duluth.

Colocation Eden Prairie - Colocation and Data Center space in Eden Prairie can be found with BHI Advanced Internet Solutions. Interesting enough, BHI has data centers located in both Eden Prairie and Minneapolis. Eden Prairie and St. Paul are within the same metropolitan area, so they do share a lot of the same backbones that run through Minneapolis. If you're looking for a location away from downtown, Eden Prairie or St. Paul may be better choices for your needs, while still having the redundancy and reliability of the Minneapolis facilities.

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