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Are you searching for a Illinois Colocation Service in Chicago, Schaumburg, Naperville, Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield, Riverdale, Oak Brook, Downers Grove, IL? We can help.

Chicago Colocation - Chicago is located in one of the most centralized "hubs" of the Internet, providing an amazing access point to the Internet. A huge top tier colocation facility in Chicago is Chicago Data Center; owned and operated by Switch and Data. Located at 427 LaSalle in downtown Chicago, the company is great for single-server colocation customer or a multi-server Enterprise-level customer. Major communications companies operate through this facility, and companies like FastServers.Net have opted for this location for expansion needs.

Rockford Colocation - Rockford, Illinois has several colocation facilities. The city is about 50 miles northwest of Chicago and 60 miles south of Madison, Wisconsin. You can find Rock River Internet's colocation center in downtown on the 8th floor of the Rockford Trust building. Both SBC an AT&T have their main Rockford COs (central offices) in downtown, as well. The city boasts underground fiber connecting buildings and colocation facilities. There are also smaller ISPs in the city that offer colocation through one or two T1s for their Internet backbones.

Schaumburg Colocation - Colocation services offered through YourNet Connection in Schaumburg includes redundant connections to several Tier 1 providers, 24/7 technicians, multiple fiber paths to multiple providers using SONET technology, multi-homed fully redundant network, Cisco based network & routing, etc.

Naperville Colocation - Naperville is not too far West (30 miles) from Chicago and has its selection of colocation service providers. Stargate Holdings Corp., a colocation provider and data center company, added fiber optic connectivity from AboveNet to its data center at the end of 2007. September 2007 saw the addition of this 87,000 sq. ft. Tier 3+ data center in the Chicago area, now servicing 30,000 individuals, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. Over in Shuman Blvd. is a data center run by Expedient. It is a Class A Data Center facility with several gigabits of bandwidth coming in from five different fiber carriers. NetSource Communications on 2368 Corporate Lane, Ste 112 is also another name in the hat of colocation service providers. Naperville provides a nice location for those wanting to avoid traffic and crowds driving into Chicago.

Peoria Colocation - Peoria is no stranger to Internet services. Near the end of 2007, Peoria had approved wireless Internet to be set up in the city to Verizon Wireless in a section of the city. The Web Presence Group has 2 Network Operation Centers in Peoria, as well. Their NOC-1 network is their Corporate Office facility located in Peoria is connected to the Knoxville Central Office of SBC for web hosting, dedicated servers and rack mounted server colocation operations. Their off-site facility located in downtown Peoria next to the main Jeff-Street Central Office of SBC (within 500 feet). Group has an existing data center in Peoria, but, as this is being typed, it's nearing completion of another 5000 square foot facility with fully redundant components including ECARO-25 fire suppression, physical security, redundant air handling, and backup generators. The facility will have diverse-path OC48 connectivity from 2 major carriers, probably SBC/ATT and Sprint. The new Peoria A5 data center will have live connectivity to the data center in Bloomington, IL. If you're on a tight budget, it is said that it may be cheaper to look at Chicago for cheaper priced colocation services.

Bloomington Colocation - Bloomington A5 uses SBC/ATT and Sprint. It will have connectivity to A5's new Peora colocation, currently nearing end of construction in early 2008. Also in Bloomington is New Wave Net Corp (NWNC). NWNC provides Internet and Broadband voice and data services to customers throughout the McLean County Area. They also own and operate their own facilities and equipment.

Springfield Colocation - Hanson Information Systems, Inc, in Springfield, IL provides Internet services and hosting services. They have their own private network backbone providing redundant internet connectivity through peering with other backbone providers. You can also look to other small local companies like EOS for data back-up.

Riverdale Colocation - Riverdale is located in the southern metropolitan area of Chicago. If you want a box outside of downtown, then Riverdale may provide some smaller companies that might be cheaper, and more convenient to get to, depending on where you're located.

Oak Brook and Downers Grove Colocation - Home of McDonald's World Headquarters, Oak Brook is on the west side of Metropolitan Chicago. Like Riverdale, it provides a location for those of you looking for colocation services in the Chicago area, but not in downtown. Downers Grove neighbors Oak Brook to the southeast. Both these cities are between Chicago and West Chicago, which his home to DuPage National Technology Park. There is more than enough fiber running in between the two locations that benefit small local colocation companies in operations around the area. Oak Brook and Downers Grove is also neighboring cities, like Naperville, that offer colocation services from reputable data service providers.

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