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Are you searching for a Florida Colocation Service in Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee, and Tampa, FL? We can help.

Fort Lauderdale Colocation - Fort Lauderdale offers an alternative location for colocation services in South Florida aside from Miami. 1Vault Networks owns and operates its own data center at 5301 NW 33rd Avenue. This 66,000 square foot facility is conveniently located between I-95 and Florida's Turnpike, right off Commercial Blvd., making it accessible from the Tri-county region. Many Enterprise level and Fortune 500 corporations call 1Vault's facility home. The fully redundant infrastructure offer diverse fiber entry points provided by Tier 1 bandwidth providers: NTT/Verio, Level(3), and Qwest. Affinity, a provider of web hosting solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses owns a Class A data center in Fort Lauderdale. The pricing may be a bit pricy, so see if their services fit into your price range. WorldLEC is a provider of internet access headquartered in Fort Lauderdale. They may have broadband-solutions to meet your colocation needs, as well. CityReach International, the European interconnection and colocation specialist, opened its first US office in the greater Fort Lauderdale area, so international companies can look towards Fort Lauderdale as a viable option.

Jacksonville Colocation -421 West Church Street is a 250,000 square foot dedicated carrier hotel/interconnect facility in Jacksonville. The carrier neutral facility is home to Northeast Florida's largest concentration of Internet and telecommunication companies with 15 carriers and over 50 telecom related companies. MCI and AT&T also have pipelines at the DS3 level running throughout Jacksonville. Peak 10, the Southeast's leading data center operator and managed services provider has a 9,000 square foot IMB certified data center in Jacksonville. Located at 4905 Belfort Road Ste 145, the facility features redundant power and multiple, physically-diverse carrier-agnostic high-speed OC3 connections. Over on 200 W. Forsythe Colo4jax is a local facilities-based content and colocation network headquartered in Jacksonville. Some of the carriers in the facility include Qwest, Verison / MCI / UUNet / Xspedius, and Progress Telecom. Through dark fiber, colo4jax can reach Sprint, Wiltel, Level(3), Savvis, Broadwing, XO, and Global Crossing; plus every carrier POP and every Central Office in town.

Miami Colocation -Miami has been ranked as one of the top five best interconnected cities in the world, ahead of San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. Downtown Miami is an area that has numerous telecommunication carrier facilities, fiber loops, international cable landings, and multiple power grids. There's the fear of hurricanes, but Miami has many data centers specifically designed to withstand Category 5 hurricanes.

Terremark Worldwide Inc. has its flagship facility in Miami. This facility makes Miami the only city in the U.S. where Optlical, Ethernet, MPLS, Voice, and Internet traffic is served through a single location. Its Network Access Point (NAP) provides colocation and peering, managed services, and dedicated hosting service. Their facility, Nap of Americas in Miami, is the heart of connectivity in Miami. Located at 50 NE 9th St., it is the first purpose-built, carrier neutral NAP facility of its kind specifically designed to link Latin America with the rest of the world. They are not cheap, but the data center is well lit providing great latency. The network architecture of the NAP of the Americas boasts an efficient high-speed parallel cross point switch fabric. This fabric has a capacity of up to 178,000,000 packets per second of throughput. In addition, edge switches provide gigabit speed connectivity to the meshed 128 Gbps core chassis peering fabric. You can find the servers of Google, Yahoo, and AOL in this facility.

The Miami Data Vault Data Center or MDV as it's also known as is another Miami carrier hotel located on the highest ground in Miami. The carrier neutral facility at 100 NE 80th Terrace has Ethernet and fiber connectivity to major Tier 1 carriers. Level(3), Internap, AT&T, SBC, Savvis, and Cogent are all available at MDV.

CRG West owns a data center, the Miami Exchange, on 2115 NW 22nd St. between Miami International Airport and downtown The 48,000 square foot data center, formerly the WilTel data center, offers diverse fiber paths from Miami's primary long-haul fiber routes. The data center can accommodate any colocation user from a single cabinet to customized cages and even a private floor.

New World Tower in Miami boasts a telecommunications infrastructure also linked to Latin America. The carrier hotel on 100 N. Biscayne Blvd hosts several colocation companies as tenants. A Meet-Me-Room designed for telecom tenants is available. The Miami Data Center is home to Level(3) on 49 NW 5th St. and provides 17,035 square feet of raised floor space, and provides easy access to Level(3)'s premier broadband network.

You can find the carrier neutral colocation center of XO Communications at 16563 NW 15th Ave., Telefonica KeyCenter at 11300 NW 25th St., Switch & Data at 1 NE 1st St. (one of two locations), Digital Realty Trust operating TelX at 36 NE 2nd St. (PAIX services available) and Americas Gateway Center at 2300 NW 89th Pl. (home to Peer1's colocation facility), Infolink at 1953 NW 22nd St., and Cogent Data Center on 200 SE 1st St.

If you want to find space for your own facility, swing by 11500 NW 25th St. and you'll find the Dolphin Commerce Center with a 196,000 square foot facility developed for data center use by a major international telecom provider. Engineered to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, the data center is served by over 2,500 strands of fiber with multiple carriers currently serving or planning network builds to the building.

Orlando Colocation -Level(3)has a data center with 19,051 square foot of raised floor space located at 380 Lake Destiny Drive. The building has connectivity through multiple OC-192 and is connected to Jacksonville and Miami. Level(3) has alternate carriers to this facility: Time Warner Local, MCI WorldCom Local, Sprint, BellSouth, Progress Telecom, and XO Communications. Multiple colocation companies are located within this building, such as AM6 Networks, Orlando Tech Works, and Vortech.

HostDime operates its privately owned data center (Data Center 2 aka DC2) in north Orlando. The 12,000 square foot facility is resistant to Category 5 hurricanes. Its connectivity is supplied 3 Gig-E Level3 (3,000 Mbps) fiber optic lines, a Gig-E Time Warner Telecom (1,000 Mbps) fiber optic line, and multiple third-party carriers. A Sprint backbone and another Time Warner Telecom GigE backbone are planned. Also connected to Level(3) and Time Warner is locally owned and managed Spiderhost. Their carrier-neutral data center is used for the company's 100% business focus serving Central Florida with business Internet solutions. Atlantic.Net's Tier 1 data center on 440 West Kennedy Blvd. offers business services including high-speed Internet access, web site services and telecommunications. Atlantic.Net is Florida's largest privately held ISP, and like many local ISPs around the country, they offer local colocation services.

St. Petersburg Colocation - Headquartered in St. Petersburg is DataGlyphics. Though mainly a software development company, they have a multi-homed Internet data center at their headquarters. The Internet Data Center DataGlyphics provides colocation and hosting services to its customers through Tier 1 providers GTE and Global Center's backbones. There are other mom and pop shops that you can look to in St. Petersburg for colocation as well. An appealing colocation alternative for St. Petersburg businesses may lie across the bay, though. St. Petersburg is just across the Gandy Bridge from Tampa.

Tallahassee Colocation - Located just south of the border between Georgia and Florida, Tallahassee has significantly less colocation facilities than the metro areas of Miami and Orlando to the southeast. Even so, there are a number of local service providers that may suit your needs if your business is in the city. According to the 421 West Church Street Carrier Hotel website, Tallahassee is one of several cities that is "Level(3) communications and colocation based." You may want to look into that facility if you're willing to collocate out of the city. There is also Atlanta to the North and Tampa and Orlando to the South. On the most part, Tallahassee's locally-based pool of colocation facilities are through local companies like Network Tallahassee, which are local ISPs providing other Internet data services. Any local businesses looking for colocation services may want to check one of them out.

Tampa Colocation -Tampa is on the western coast of Florida; away from the worse hurricane prone areas of the state. Data centers in Florida are built to withstand Category 5 hurricanes, but if it's still a concern, Tampa may offer a better colocation solution to soothe your nerves.

Level(3) has a data center on 7909 Woodland Center Blvd. This facility has 20,373 square feet of raised floor space. It has connections to Miami and New Orleans. Alternate carriers in the facility are Time Warner Local, WorldCom Local, Verizon, Progress Telecom, NEXTLINK, and FPL (FPL Fibernet). XO Communications' data center in Tampa is located at 5904-A Hampton Oaks Pkwy. Colocation facilities in this data center can be found offering carrier-class hosting, security, and all the amenities that XO brings. Switch and Data' data center on 655 N Franklin St 1000 within the 22-story Franklin Exchange in downtown Tampa. It's within the vicinity of ITC Deltacom, Florida Digital Network and Park Tower, another major Tampa Telco hotel.

Speaking of Park Tower, this building is mainly a Class A 36-floor office building (3rd tallest building in all of Florida) located on 400 N. Tampa Street. This building has easy access to the Crosstown Expressway and I-275. Along with the many restaurants and business offices, Park Tower is a telecom hub of downtown Tampa, supporting 12 Fiber providers and 3 wireless providers. One of its telecom tenants is E Solutions. E Solutions has a Tier 3 data center that contains its own 1,000KV substation and fully redundant (N+1) system components, which exceeds the uptime and maintainability requirements for any commercial enterprise. Also in the building are E Solution's corporate offices and a Tier 1 data center. E Solutions boast clients like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Tampa Bay Storms, and 13 major league baseball teams. Look into the other colocation companies this facility has to offer.

Sago Networks has a data center in Tampa on 4465 W. Gandy Blvd. This 82,000 square foot facility is made for colocation, dedicated server hosting and data storage/disaster recovery. It is 15 minutes from Tampa International Airport and easy access to major Interstate highways nearby. The facility connectivity through XO Communications, Sprint, Level(3), PCCW Global, Global Crossing and Tiscali. Sago Networks is connected to 2 major NAPs in the southeastern United States: TelX's 56 Marrietta in Atlanta and the NAP of the Americas in Miami. Sago Networks has its own fiber ring between their 3 major facilities in Atlanta, Tampa, and Miami. This new ring is scalable up to 800Gbps between those cities. The long-haul fiber network allows Sago to expand into the markets of Orlando and Jacksonville making all carriers available in all the cities.

Peak10 in Tampa is an IBM certified data center on 9417 Corporate Lake Drive with all the features found in all other Peak10 data centers: redundant power and carrier-agnostic multiple OC3 Internet connectivity, etc. The facility is 9,100 square feet and is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Hivelocity Hosting owns and operates its own data center in downtown Tampa. They mainly web hosting solutions, but offer a wide range of other services including colocation. The facility has redundant fiber totaling over 3Gbps with UUNET, Time Warner, Level(3), and Expedius. PowerMedium is another hosting company with colocation in Tampa, one of their 7 "strategically placed world-class data centers around the world."

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