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Are you searching for a colocation service in California, Anaheim, Bakersfield, Glendale, Huntington Beach, Irivine, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Ana, CA? We can help.

Anaheim Colocation - Anaheim is home to a couple facilities offering colocation. Millennium Systems has dual DS3 lines in Anaheim and Irvine. Millennium is designed to furnish small, medium, and large sites with affordable, reliable and practical Internet solutions. AM6 Networks has a small 4,000 square foot facility on 2461 W. La Palma Ave with Level(3) peering.

Bakersfield Colocation - internet Galaxy started as a local ISP that also provide colocation and hosting services in the city of Bakersfield, and went on to become a national ISP and Commerce Solution Provider. Its colocation facility boasts "one of the most state-of-the-art networks in Bakersfield."

Glendale Colocation - Glendale used to have a 5,000 square foot facility owned and operated by Verado Holdings that closed down in 2001.

Huntington Beach Colocation - Huntington Beach's colocation facilities seem to be local and industry specific. Ohana Enterprises and RestauranTech co-locate their facility in Huntington Beach with remote backup solutions and POS support, but most of the clientele are in the restaurant and hospitality industries. It's probably better to seek colocation services in Orange County around Irvine and Santa Ana.

Irvine Colocation - Irvine has a very strong tech industry, and like any other city driven by its tech companies, there is sure to be colocation facilities big and small meeting the needs of any sized business. InteleNet owns and operates a 55,000 square foot data center located in Irvine. The company is a carrier neutral ISP with several Tier 1 bandwidth providers including: Verizon, Time Warner, Cox, XO, AT&T and Internap. Millennium Systems, Inc. is one of Orange County's leading colocation service providers. They're located near the Irvine Spectrum. also owns a data center from which they purchased from XO Communications in 2005. The 36,000-square-foot square data center was built at N+2 redundancy offering colocation solutions for customers of all sizes. Not to be outdone, AT&T owns a data center in Irvine with 75,000 square foot of raised floor space available for colocation. The Telco-grade building is built to withstand natural disasters and a level 4 earthquake. Within these data centers are various colocation facilities. Look around town and you'll find even more data centers. The network infrastructure in Irvine is vast and healthy. Irvine's colocation facilities are ready to help any growing business and accommodate to more established ones.

Long Beach Colocation - Long Beach has a locally based company called Rocket InterNetWorking. It's a telecom provider offering DSL, T1/T3, fiber and wireless connectivity. They operate the premiere colocation facility in the downtown Long Beach district eliminating the need for local businesses to commute to LA or Orange County for colocation services. The network was designed from the ground up to be an extension of the One Wilshire building in Los Angeles. Customers can easily cross-connect with anyone who has a presence in One Wilshire through redundant fiber.

Los Angeles Colocation- LA colocation solutions are vast. There are many colocations in LA County, most of them in Downtown LA. There are some buildings that are better connected than others and some in better physical locations for customers due to their size and connectivity. The largest most renowned data centers are also called Carrier Tel Co Hotels because all of the phone and fiber companies are tenants in the building. They are the best solution for server colocation in California and they are One Wilshire which is located at 1 Wilshire Blvd (corner of 624 South Grand Avenue and 1 Wilshire Blvd), One Telecom Center "Telecom Center LA" at 530 West 6th St. and 600 West 7th. The reason these three buildings are infamous is because they are the main corridors of fiber for all of Downtown Los Angeles and are directly connected to one another. Many little Telco hotels started to extend from these buildings and have propped up all over downtown LA making Downtown LA a premier connectivity location. One Wilshire is the largest tel co hotel in the western US and is one of the world's most interconnected facilities.

One Wilshire houses over 240 telecom carriers and internet service providers in the building. Some of the features are rooftop access, a Meet-Me room designed for provider peering and interconnectivity, an MDF service which allows optical connections between building tenants, Wireless Meet-Me rooms and conditioned spaces for providers looking to establish a point of presence in a turnkey solution. Some building tenants of this great Los Angeles Data Center include AT&T, Broadwing, Cable & Wireless, Global Crossing, Level 3 Communications, Worldcom, PacBell, Qwest Communications, Sprint, Time Warner, Verizon and XO Communications.

One Telecom center, also known as Telecom Center LA, is a robust facility adjacent to One Wilshire. It contains a direct conduit to One Wilshire Meet-Me room. Most major local loop and long haul carriers are present including MCI Worldcom, Qwest, Williams, AT&T, PacBell, GTE, Level 3, Time Warner Telecom and Nextlink/XO. The building was renovated just 10 years ago. 600 West 7th has the same prestige and carriers as Telecom Center LA and is home to carriers such as ICG Telecom Group, Inc., 360 Networks, Inc., Southern California Edison, Fibernet Equal Access LLC, Level 3 Communications LLC, Looking Glass Networks, Inc., MFS Worldcom (Metropolitan Fiber Systems), Southern California Edison Company, AT&T / TCG Los Angeles, T-Systems, and Verizon and offers Meet-Me room interconnection between tenants roof top space as well as unmatched network redundancy.

Riverside Colocation - Riverside has the finest fiber optic network in Riverside County offering a good disaster-recovery solution in the Southland. In the industrial district of Hunter Business Park is the 56-acre University Research Park. There are tax incentives for businesses locating or expanding to the city. The city has a 23,000 square foot colocation data center. Las Vegas-based MarquisNet opened the state-of-the-art Tier 4 facility with colocation and disaster recovery, and features a redundant SAS 70 compliant 2N+1 architecture. The facility is in a fast-growing city, but there is still plenty of colocation space. Riverside is less than an hour's drive from Los Angeles and is a viable option for colocation service, or even business expansion.

San Bernardino Colocation - San Bernardino is a fast growing city, but its county is still largely undeveloped. There are is only one colocation facility in the city operated by AM6 Networks, located at 5705 Industrial Pkwy. The building has Level(3), Qwest, XO, and MCI peering. If you're looking for rural disaster backup, though, you may consider San Bernardino.

San Diego Colocation - San Diego is a fiber rich city. Finding a location isn't difficult. Choosing one is. There are many companies with carrier-class colocation facilities and robust network backbones. Level(3) has a facility in San Diego on 8929 Aero Drive, and brings their robust backbone into the city. Complex Drive on 8913 Complex Dr. operates a carrier-grade data center that houses 10 Tier 1 fiber connections, and 6 of its core Cisco routers. They allow customers to choose either a multi-homed bandwidth connection, or just one of their 10 in-building fiber connections. They claim to be "Southern California's leading provider of colocation."Other major companies in the colocation market, like Internap have a presence in San Diego, but you can also find independent colocation companies in the city offered at much lower prices and catering to small- to medium-sized businesses. American Internet Service (AIS) developed an 80,000 square foot data center making it the largest independent colocation provider in Southern California. Their facility is in the San Diego Tech Center on 9305 Lightwave Ave. AIS have Fortune 500 clients, but they also serve a broad range of small- and medium- sized business customers.

Santa Ana Colocation -Santa Ana is next to Irvine, which already has a large selection of colocation facilities. Santa Ana has a few of its own, though. At the border of Irvine and Santa Ana sits a data center owned and operated by XO Communications with colocation companies renting space. The small 4,000 square foot facility is at 1928 E Deere Ave. iland Internet Solutions data center, AM6 Networks colocation facility, and Simra Hosting are some of the companies in this building. The data center has OC-192 connectivity in a controlled carrier-class space and network access. PacBell/SBC, Time Warner, and COX provide multiple Tier 1 backbones. The building is also directly peered with One Wilshire in Los Angeles. A much bigger facility located in the Irvine Business Complex at 2001 East Dyer Road in Santa is a 363,000 square-foot Carrier Hotel and Data Center developed for communications carriers and Internet service providers. It is strategically located between Los Angeles and San Diego at the nexus of six major fiber-optic routes. It features a 10,000-square-foot carrier-neutral meet-me room that allows diverse service carriers to co-locate their points of presence and access each other's services in a fully secured and supported environment.

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