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Online shopping for a Colocation Hosting Provider and Colocation Quote has never been easier! As a sales agent for over 20 Colocation Hosting Providers across the country we will find you the best Colocation Service Provider and Colocation Price Quotes across the United States. We also specialize in Colocation New York City services.

Due to our outstanding relationship as an agent with many ISP and Colocation Hosting Providers we can secure the best Colocation Price Quote for you. SO GET STARTED! Fill out our form to get a Colocation Hosting Quote NOW and let our Colocation Providers compete for your business by competing for the lowest possible Colocation Quote!

what is collocation?  Examples of large Collocation customers are
Colocation Hosting Service is a situation in which a company will connect and Rack a server that you own to the Internet. If you do not already have one, some companies offer to build a server for you and manage it in their Colocation Rack. This is the key difference between dedicated servers and Colocation Service. In a dedicated server environment, the dedicated server itself is owned by the web Hosting company, whereas in a Collocation environment, the server is your own. Get a Colocation Provider Colocation Quote now!

• Colocation Explained

Colocation Service customers reduce their traffic back-haul costs and free up their internal networks for other uses. Colocation Hosting Providers permit outsourcing of network traffic and with greater bandwidth capacity, web site access speeds can improve considerably. Colocation Hosting offers more benefits and protection than storing your servers locally in your office. Get a Colocation Quote today!


Web commerce companies and high traffic web sites, who use a Colocation facility for a safe environment and cost-effective, redundant connections to the Internet

Major enterprises, who use the Colocation facility for disaster avoidance, offsite data backup and business continuity
Telecommunication companies, who use a Colocation facility to interexchange traffic with other telecommunications companies and access to potential


Colocation Solution
  Are you seeking Colocation Service? Look no further. Find out the lowest Colocation Service Price, the best Colocation Price Quotes, all the kinks and costs, all the possible rebates as well as other information from over 30 different Colocation Hosting Providers throughout the United States.

Search for the best Colocation Price Quotes from a Colocation Hosting provider in your city! Need virtual hosting? This reseller web hosting site is affordable and low maintenance.

-Private Locked Cabinet (42U)
-20 Amps 120V UPS and Generator Power
-10 Mbps Bandwidth (burstable to 100M)
-Personalized MRTG Graphs
-24x7 Keycard Access
-Full Class C 254 IP Addresses
-Free Remote Reboot Power Strip Rental
Total: $1295 3 Year Term, $1475 2 Year Term

Prepay 1 Year, Receive 1 Month Free!

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reliable Colocation Providers We only support reliable Colocation Providers
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Colocation Services
Colocation Rack space special Price
1 Unit
1/4 Rack $199/mo.
1/2 Rack $399/mo.
Full Rack $599/mo.
ethernet Colocation special Price
1 meg
10 meg $70/meg
20 meg $60/meg
40 meg $50/meg
60 meg $34/meg
80 meg $30/meg
100 meg $22/meg
Gig-E connections as low as $14/meg! No blended
bandwidth, direct from
wholesaler! NOT RESOLD!